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It is one three weeks period during which national volunteers and expatriates will remain in an rural environment to undertake activities of development in collaboration with the basic communities having requested the realization of a Community work. The work of group in good mood and the leisures. 

It is an act of mutual exchange between a person or a group who offers her time, his work, his energy for the benefit of a project of general interest to a community of reception which offers to (X) voluntary (S) ground of training, experimentation and construction personnel and collective.


Life in communities

For each building site the decisions will be made by persons in charge in a democratic spirit i.e. in dialogue with the unit of the volunteers. The possible conflicts and incomprehension will be regulated by the means of   dialogue, in a spirit of respect and tolerance

Material conditions during the building sites

The material conditions will be the following ones:

+   Lodging (school, house…)                           

+      Plaits to sleep

+      Cook with coal or wood

+      Latrines (WC)

+     Showers with the bucket

Food on the building site

The food will be primarily Togolese, ATNE is committed providing to all the volunteers a suitable and sufficient food on all the building sites. Some times of the European meals will be twinned with the menu.

It is to be specified that all the volunteers eat together with same the heure.ATNE will provide mineral water out of bottle or sachet to the volunteers.

Standard day on the building site

The building sites aim as much at completing a community work that to promote the intercultural exchanges. Thus they will be held in week and the weekend will be devoted to the practice of activities of leisure and discovery.

Here a standard prototype of day of building site:

06:30                  : Alarm clock

06:30 - 07:30   : Drudgeries

07:30 - 07:50   : Breakfast

08:00 - 12:00   :       Work the site

12:00 - 13:00   :       To lunch + reading of the report/ratio of the previous day

13:00 - 14:30   :       Rest (nap)

14:30 - 17:00   :       Resumption of the activities or leisures educational to the children.

19:00 - 20:00   :       To dine

20:40 - 22:15   :       DEBATEs or Talks on African and European realities, songs and dances with the sound of Djembé

23:00                  :      Hour of silence on the building site.


The weekends are free and are with the free organization of each participant except that of the weekend of excursion.



                          EXAMPLES Of ACTIVITIES

For the building sites of schools or latrines (manufacture of bricks, rise of wall, collecting of sand, gravel, transport of water, etc).
For the building sites of afforestation (grubbing, staking, put out of ground of young seedlings, watering, etc).
For the building sites of cleaning of river and cleansing (weeding, drainage, drain, etc).
Training courses and formations (length and short term) all the year.
Field: Education, artistic, health and cultural activities (theatre, dance. etc)

some activities of ATNE



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