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Any time have confidence and the hope with the ATNE. So that you take part in the camps building sites, association asks you to agree to address to him email of request of the card of inscription on its E-mail address: atnenviro@yahooo.fr or atnenviro@hotmail.fr or directly on the site while clicking here: Your requests for card. It will envoiera you the card which you will fill out. For the minors, this procedure goes in the same way for the parental authorization.
The reception of the card guarantees your sincerity to be worked with us.

Thank you for your fidelity!!!!!!!!!

Valid documents of voyage

- To have its plane ticket (Go and Return)
- Passport
- Notebook of vaccination
- Insurance
- To envisage a mosquito net
- To have intimate effects
- Traveller' S accounts - cheques: that constitutes a safety in case of theft, they are exchangeable at the bank of the capital, but imperatively think of carrying with you the receipt that one will give you with the purchase.
- A bag of bed
- To have the spirit of division without reference to race, nor of religion.
- To be ready to adapt to the climatic conditions
- To have always the smile to give to the others

Language of the building site: French, English.

Transport: the plane ticket return ticket is with the load of the volunteer.   As of your inscription on a building site, made your reservation on the flights because the prices east increase in summer and the places are done rare:

- International Chart Blue (visa card).  

- The euro are exchangeable in more the share of the Banks


Additional details

http://www.point.afrique.com/ (proposes very advantageous tariffs for Togo, but to envisage several months in advance. 

Taking into account the annoyances of the airline companies which serve Togo we suggest you envisaging in your handbag of the drugs anti-fen, sun lotion, anti-mosquito cream, and all things other useful for the case or your luggage would not arrive with you (what is often the case during the summer).
Are allowed of frankness, provided they regularly and beforehand are declared: 50cigares or 100 cigarettes, worn clothing and personal effects, which they are carried or not. 
Are allowed without formalities and by traveller: clothing and linen, 1appareil of catch of cinematographic sights, 1instrument of music, 1tourne disc with 20 discs, 1magnétoscope, 1machine to be written, the menus objects of camp-site, articles of sports, water skiings, rackets menus of tennis, etc… 1 station of radio receiving set, 2 cameras and of the disposable ones. Portable usual objects. Domestic iron, toilet article, of the intervertebral discs, etc -- Personal invaluable prayer or silver, gold jewels whose weight does not exceed 500 grams, 2 card decks. All these objects can be placed indifferently either in the hand luggage, or in the luggage in the hold.           
B The provisions of road, tobaccos or all objects nonlikely to be allowed of frankness under the conditions envisaged in the paragraph (A) are liable to the duties and taxes import. However, except the tobaccos and provisions of road, these objects can be placed under the mode of the temporary admission after achievement of the lawful formalities. 
* NB: for the flights charters, do not forget to confirm your flight 72 hours before the departure if you want to be on having your place. Made photocopies in double specimen of your papers (for you lasting the voyage and one left with your family) passport, plane tickets, notebook of vaccinations. Leave the coordinates of our association to your family.

Your gifts and gifts for the children and Association are the come goods: (books, biros, pencils, gums, preventive man and woman, clothes, worn, worn mobile phones, cameras, microcomputer worn, Bicycle, books Drugs Romance, gauch and small peinceaux etc). The gifts are not obligatory.


NB: your gifts are the welcome
We request with all the volunteers to arrive to Togo one or two days before the beginning of building site to follow a training intensive. Massively come to join us on our building sites.
Infos: change can provide for the level of the localities but the projects and the dates will be the same one.
Good stay among us in Togo.

NB: Return ticket transport of the seat towards the site of the building site and the site towards the seat is with the load of Association.
The expenses of participation are payable once to arrive at Lome on the order of the President of Association.

The participation in the building sites is subjected to the payment in Lome of the expenses of participation which vary according to the types of building sites (programs). These expenses are paid with the accountancy of Association as of the arrival of the volunteer or trainee to the Seat in Lome/Togo
The expenses of participation will be used for

- Lodging



- Management of the building sites



- Gift for the projects

- Material of the building site
- General and administration expenses
With transport of the seat towards the site of the building site (to go return of Lome to the village)
The excursion (two one conveys some and with foot)
Purchase of materials
The water of drink voltic in small sachet


The expenses of participation do not include the following services, which will remain with the load of the volunteers:


them leisures (visits, excursion .....)


them consumption personal (purchases of memories….)

them possible expenses of hospital (but ATNE commits itself granting to the sick people support and moral assistance during its disease) the insurance is thus essential.

Lodging: The volunteers live together on the same site. The dormitories are common. The volunteers will undertake them-even the kitchen. Three meals are envisaged per day.
The group of kitchen of household of crockery of water drudgery are formed and functions in a rotary way.



The activities cover only the mornings of 8:00 to 12:00, the group is free to be occupied their occupations of their choice the afternoon and the weekends. Each evening, the talks debates are organized on various topics. The groups of animations around fire are envisaged. It is the place where the volunteers will impregnate African culture by tales, legends, myths and African traditional dances.


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