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Food on singing it

The food will be primarily Togolese, ATNE is committed providing to all the volunteers a suitable and sufficient food on all the building sites. Some time of the European meals will be twinned with the menu .l' Association   ATNE will provide to the volunteers mineral water.

To eat: to envisage a table knife of the spoons, forks and others which can be useful to you during meal.

To sleep: mosquito net, moreover one sleeping bag to be used as mattress.

To dress itself: flip-flops and a pair of sport shoes, shorts trousers, cagoule, a sweater, tee-shirt, caps, a torch, a camera, a key USB if possible.

To wash itself: to prepare your toilet bag and to envisage material not to miss some.

For health: some drug anti-fen, against the diarrhoea, the constipation, the headaches, the fever and others.
To also envisage paper of toilet


The camps building sites aim as much at completing a community work that to promote the intercultural exchanges. Thus, they will be held in week and the weekend will be devoted, with the practice of activities of leisures and discoveries. One of the weekend will be to organize and in load by association: the visit of another building site and/or tourist will be with the programs.

The other weekend will be free: each participants will be able to organize its while taking care to respect dynamics groups (proposal by the villagers, times of better knowledge of the village, tourism to its load)

NB The programs below are with title codes and are suitable for modification according to the dynamics of the group and thus the persons in charge are invited to respect the most expensive values of Association: the collective responsibility, intercultural meetings, active solidarity, fraternity and equality.
Standard stay:
1st day: departure of Lome for the site of the building site, meets with the authorities room, preparation of the camp: dormitories; store; dining room.
2nd day: visit places of the camp building site, indication and formations and various on the work of the first week.
1st week: specific work on building site, spare time evenings and popular rejoicing research tasks.
1st weekend: spare time, or weekend or to organize by association.
End of the first week: Evaluation of the first week of building site.
2nd week: specific work on building site, spare time evenings and popular rejoicing research tasks.
2nd weekend: spare time, or weekend or to organize by association.
End of the second week: Evaluation of the second week of building site.
the 3rd /et 4th week: specific work on building site, organization of the traditional balls.
Before last day of building site: General evaluation of the activities of the building site.
Last day of the building site: Households, Décampement.


1) Any volunteer, member or participant in our activities of the camp building site must necessarily pay the expenses of participations which rise according to the selected types of building site.
2) The expenses of participations will be used to deal with all the national and international volunteers during all the period of the building sites.
The expenses will be used to pay food, the materials, the general and administration expenses with association, of them excursions in the car and the second with foot.
3) The activities are manual and covers the mornings, and après -midday are intended for the activities of leisures (dance traditional, card decks, ram, stroll, talk discusses, and the weekend are free).
In the event of industrial accident the volunteers will be dealt with according to the gravity of the accident by association.
4) The volunteers will divide the dormitories will make the drudgeries together, will work together.
5) In the event of desistance by a volunteer after the beginning from the building sites, the registration fee or of participation will not be refundable.
6) In the event of loss of object of a volunteer absent on the site of the building site, this one remains with load of the volunteer
7) The volunteers on our building sites must obligatorily respect the payments in force at the end of each week, an evaluation will be organized has avoids the daily reports/ratios.
The points of evaluation will comprise on the life of the group.
8) The volunteers must take all the necessary measures not to bring foreign people in the dormitories and to the maximum découcher it.
9) Any volunteer not having received his front visa arrived to Togo will be able to make it with the service of immigration to the airport of Lome realising a sum of 20 Euros.
10) Any volunteer is requested to arrive at Lome to Togo one (1) or two (2) before the beginning of building site to follow an intensive training.

NB: Your gifts are the welcome and the expenses of participation are to be paid on the spot in Lome


NB: prayer to write to us directly by: atnenviro@yahoo.fr or atnenviro@hotmail.fr  
To be sure to have an answer and in a fast way or Click here for YOUR INSCRIPTION

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