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You want to leave for Africa, as a humanitarian to return to you useful. As in any associative project, our team and our energies must renew itself and we need unceasingly new talents, of new imaginations even without diploma and particular qualification.


ATNE offers to the students and to the other people having various formations and qualifications and which begin their track records to look further into their knowledge in several fields:
Possibility of working in our Center with the Disinherited Children of the district of Kégué kélégougan in Lome.

Possibility of making seedbed of the fertilizing trees, sensitizing on the topics dependent on protection of nature (deforestation, solar furnace, protection of the species, management of waste, water) and of the afforestation near the rural populations.
Intervention in an agricultural farm, meets and work with the peasants and other agents of rural formation in particular our partners of rural formation of the Family home of the septentrional area of the country on the utility of the agroforestery and composting for the improvement of the farming techniques.
Possibility of exempting courses with the illiterate women of the center of ATNE and/or in schools (primary and secondary).

Possibility of intervening in an health centre in rural environment with doctors and/or male nurses of State and of sensitizing the population on topics related to health: PALUDISM, STI, VIH/SIDA, PRACTICAL ELEMENTARY RULES OF HYGIENE.
possibilitéde to make pottery, clothes industry of the collars in pearls, batik, painting and braid in our center.
These training courses can be of short term (1 to 3 months) of medium term (4 to 6 months) and of long run (7 to 12 months).
 6-tourism: exchanges inter - cultural All the year We will be brought to visit certain tourist sites of our soil.

Exchanges intercultural, and we will be brought to visit certain place of interest of our soil such as: rods, plantations of coffee-cocoa, the Agou Mount and the market are famous for their curiosities. Visit center artisanal of Kloto: Batik, Sculpture, pottery
Stroll through Lome, the capital to visit the artisanal village, the large one goes with the Chick Benz, the national museum, the monument of independence, the Market with the fetishes.
Relaxation with the beach, the House of the slaves, ripe Agbogbo and others.


Goal of the training courses

These training courses have as an aim essential to apply the lesson received during the former studies in order to make it possible the student to acquire a operationnality on the ground and a good experiment in its field, that will also enable him to be able to support its thesis.
- Us to send a request for card of convension of the training course by station to the address of Association 16 BP24 Lome Togo and/or a copy by email attesting your request, or Telephone: (00228) 9025-45-42/(00228) 9242-82-23
- Us to send your C.V
- To sign the convention of training course which will be sent to you after notification of the request by email to the address of Association.
- To pay its expenses of participation: 250 euros per month.
The expenses of participation include:
- lodging during 30 days
- the transport of the airport in the residence outward journey and return at the end of the stay;  that of the residence to the building site outward journey and return during the stay and that during the weekend of excursion.
- food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for the month
- expenses of reception facilities
The expenses of participation do not include:
- the personal expenditure (purchase of drink water, purchases of memories and others)
- personal displacements (pleasures and leisures)
- possible medical expenses (need for having an insurance repatriation).

NB: Your gifts and gifts for the children and Association are the come goods: (books, biros, pencils, gums, preventive man and woman, clothes, worn, worn mobile phones, cameras, microcomputer worn, Bicycle, books Romance Drugs, gouache and small brushes etc). The gifts are not obligatory.


NB: prayer to write to us directly by: atnenviro@yahoo.fr or atnenviro@hotmail.fr  
To be sure to have an answer and in a fast way
 Thank you for your reading.


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